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chocie Childcare

Choice Childcare opened its doors in 2006 offering a childminding service and Montessori approach to early learning in the comfort of my home in Newcastle. We opened with two children that September and by the end of the year we had 6 with enrolments for more and more children all the time.

In 2009, I was ready to expand further and offer more places for Early years education and the ECCE scheme from the local Community Centre here in Newcastle, Co Dublin. By the end of 2009 we opened two classrooms there and I hired staff to help deliver my dream. We had so many happy memories here with our families in the community centre and we remained there until our move to the Old School House, Newcastle in July 2019. We were sad to move but so excited to have such a wonderful space to offer care from into the future. We got busy, rolled up the sleeves and renovated the Old School House to be the more wonderful place to house or Early Years activities.

In 2014 we opened up an early years preschool and after school service in St Mary’s National School in Saggart and in 2016 the Heritage Centre, Saggart also. We have been overwhelmed by the community spirit in Saggart and surrounding areas and its been a pleasure to work alongside amazing families and their children year after year.

In 2018 we opened in Celbridge where we offer full time care for children from 2years to 12 years. Celbridge was an immediate first love when I walked through the doors and I haven’t looked back since. It’s a wonderful service with fab facilities for the children who attend.

In 2020, I walked into a small service in Walkinstown and fell in love with its charm and character and most of all I loved the idea of having a small service to delivery early years education and care to the community of Walkinstown, Greenhills and the surrounding areas. It had the warmth every service should have so again rolled up the sleeves, renovated and opened in September 2020.

The one thing all our services have in common is the delivery of a child lead, fun, supportive and safe learning environment when social and emotional needs are nurtured and individual personalities and abilities/disabilities are recognised, embraced and understood . “a Childs choice from a Child’s voice” is our slogan because it underpins our core belief that children are not mini adults, they are people in their own right who have choices and abilities that should be seen and respected by the adults caring for them. Early childhood should feel safe and full of love and from that we can build anything.

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